female is superior!!
Under Her Bare Feet
There, have the special treat! Lick my bare sole and suck my bare toes!
Then, I'll stamp on you enough till you give a cry of pain!
Furthermore I'll crush your full-expanded chippo to squeeze your joy-juice!
You are so happy, aren't you?

Under Her Bare Feet

Do you wanna be
trampled down
with that
bare foot
once again?

I permit.

So, say
"thank you!"

Thank you!
Again Index Well!

we'll enjoy
to humiliate
and punish
you. Again!

Go back!,
to your cage,
with the taste
and smell of
her naked foot
in your mind.


Come and wander about this zone again.
More goddesses will appear one after another in this "Garden of Goddesses".