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Beneath The Goddess

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FemDom Spirit
Beneath the Goddess
Beneath the Goddess

    [n.] male domestic slave that is kept under the absolute rule of goddesses.
    (esp. usually) can walk only on his hind legs and can understand the language.
    (original uncertain) probably shortened [male-slave, man-slave, or masochist-slave]

  • [CHIPPO]
    [n.] organ of a maslave on his front crotch just like a tail,
    it turns big and hard, is wagged with joy and thanks, often is let leak his slaver,
    when maslave is humiliated, punished, or abused by beautiful goddesses.
    (original uncertain) [probably Oriental : related to shippo or chimpo]

    [n.] spirits that is brewed in a goddess's internal organs, is released from her mysterious gate.
    its color is amber or almost transparent. it is the supreme drink for a maslave.
    when a maslave is given a chance to drink it, he is intoxicated with excitement.
    a synonym is [nectar].(original uncertain) probably compound word [champagne+piss]

The sights in this zone shall alter moment by moment with whimsical intention of Artemis.