female is superior!!
Great and Attractive
The tremendous twin palaces which rise up on the twin hills!
The beautiful curve of the ravine which flows into the sacred secret split!
Oh, I can't help being rapt in fascination!
It clearly proves female greatness and female fertility!!
I beg you, please sit on my face, press on it, and conquer me massively!!

Great and Attractive

Do you wanna see
the great and holy
goddess's bottom
once again?

I permit.

So, say
"thank you!"

Thank you!
Again Index Well!

we'll enjoy
to humiliate
and punish
you. Again!

Go back!,
to your cage,
with bearing
the shape of
her holy peach
in your mind.


Come and wander about this zone again.
More goddesses will appear one after another in this "Garden of Goddesses".