female is superior!!
Praise to the Holy Hips
I'll ride on you tonight!

I'll ride on you tonight!

Hold firmly !
I'm going to enjoy riding till sunset.

What's the matter ?
Are you jealous of?

All right, if I'm satisfied with
your habitual service after I take a bath,
I'll ride on your back for you,
as usual, at the courtyard, tonight again.

If you collapse
because you can't bear my heaviness,
I'll tie you to a tree and I'll discipline
throughly you for your wimpy behavior,
as you know.

Select the whip you want me to use,
Then, wait for my return.

original title "The Woman who is going to ride"/R.Hagemann
the pioneer of female domination art in Germany

More! Do you wish
to be abused,

If so,
Fall down
on your knees,
and say "please!"