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Sardax, this humorous artist's name is given himself by the pun, (such play on words
makes us imagine Mother Goose's style or James Joyce's style.)
Anyway, the existence of this British artist and his fantastic work like jewelries are
gifts from heaven for the masochist male in the world. It's not an overstatement.
I'd like to mention especially, the dominant women he draws(oriental looks or western
looks) are all very graceful, decent and "feminine" as he says. The essence of male
masochism spirit is expressed on his work.
Probably, almost masochist male wishes to be dominated further by a lady who is decent,
noble and beautiful, both with behavior and looks, rather than a rude and vulgar rowdy
woman. How exciting it is, to dream scenes on which such a graceful lady (It's hard to
imagine her figure in a toilet) whips a man, enjoying herself, with smiling, and gives
her command a man to perform a humiliating service, in order to satisfy her lustful joy.

About the Artist [Sardax]
Interview to [Sardax] by Andrew Gallix

Click to visit the Sardax's official website [Sartopia]

Sardax's FemDom-MaleSub drawings [565+21(small ) at present] are showed in the main museum.