Gene Bilbrew
(Eneg, Van Rod, Bondy)

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Gene Bilbrew (born in 1923 in Los Angeles, died in 1974.) used several pseudonyms,
such as Van Rod, G.B., Bondy, and Eneg (Gene spelled backwards).
Bilbrew met Eric Stanton while both were students at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.
Here Bilbrew studied under Burne Hogarth, creator of the famous Tarzan comic strip.
Later, Stanton may had introduced him to Irving Klaw.

He began his comic work in the Los Angeles Sentinel with the series "The Bronze Bomber"
together with Bill Alexander. After this, he made the series "Hercules" in Health Magazine.
He then became an assistant to Will Eisner on "The Spirit".

Eric Stanton suggested he start working for publisher Irving Klaw, editor of many books
and comics on bondage. Bilbrew made his debut in this genre in 1951, and went on to
create characters like Princess Elaine and Madame la Bondage.

His great fetish work give femdom-fans strong impressions and erotic fantasies.
Especially, the woman he drew has a face which appear strong-minded, and has beautiful
bottoms which swelled roundly like twin balloons.  Oh! How attractive!

Gene Bilbrew's FemDom-MaleSub drawings [179+25(small book cover) at present] are showed in the main museum.