Haru Kano

Haru "Kano Haru" is a japanese artist.
It's a strong impact like the powerful drug which his art work gives us.
It awakes the intense and sweet origin-joy hidden in the depth of the pervert's heart.
It stimulates the essence of deep joy of minority of being a pervert, in this present age
when SM is taken in by even easy custom sex services by becoming a common word.
His art work makes us evoke the deja vu of a certain kind. It may be the memory of a
time, which perverts have never been able to confess their true wish socially, and may
also be nostalgia of the day of infancy, which we were aware of our "perverted desire."
Peculiar retrospective and public atmosphere of a background raise the stimulus further.

Almost people never know the strong excitement which perverts crave.
craving of being given an enema by young pretty lady, craving of being showered upon
her sweet pee ---. craving of---. Such people are so unlucky.

Haru's drawings [68(femdom36+fetish30) at present] are showed in the main museum.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Haru.
For his generosity and kindness in which
he permitted his works to be added in this museum.