Robert K. Bishop

Robert K. Bishop-his drawings are in many SM books from various authors.
He is known for his black and white art work, with the use of airbrush to generate
texture and sheento his drawings.

Born in Michigan, he became an illustrator who studied art at Michigan Art School in Detroit.
He started drawing bondage for Centurian Publishing. Then he went to HOM(House of Milan)
for full time work and was there for nearly 20 years. Most of his drawings were done in the
mid 70's and early 80's. He was the main BDSM artist of that time. Some also say Wiley,
Stanton and Ward.

He was certainly a something of a recluse, especially after he left HOM. But he also spent
a lot of time prior to that as a motorcycle enthusiast, an avid moviegoer, a comic book fan,
and fine photographer.

Besides he also was an avid gun enthusiast. He had rifles and hand-guns which he used for
shooting target on the hills. He ended his own life with his gun at the age of 46. For reasons
known but to himself. He died in 1991.

No one can deny that he is the one of the great pioneer in BDSM art.

Bishop's FemDom-MaleSub drawings [90 at present] are showed in the main museum.