Whizzer Black

These are the wonderful comics entitled "The Misadventures of Whizzer Black."
There are the scenes of the leading role "Whizzer Black" being harassed thoroughly hard by women
around him. As it's in characters' explanation below, he is a freshman and the only male student at
the "University of Femdomia." And it also seems from the contents, he has married his dream girl
Constance and he is getting being teased at home every night.

I think it's very difficult to express the sexual theme by comics, without losing the fragrance of
eroticism. Because, laughter mind is critical mind that is separated a few steps from an object.
It is separated from carrying out empathy to an object and being excited.
But, this cartoon has got a splendidly rare success, without spoiling both humor and eroticism.
How attractive the each woman who appears and loves abusing a male is!
"Misadventures"? He doesn't seem so. Maybe there is no "lucky" male than him in this whole world.

Click on the upper characters image to see it larger!

FemDom-MaleSub drawings of "Whizzer Black" [58 at present] are showed in the main museum.