Gregor. What do you imagine from this Eastern European name? Is it the Severin's slave name
of "Venus In Furs", or the man who turned into an insect of "Die Verwandlung" by Franz Kafka?

These 16 drawings with Gregor's signature have been enchanting me, and also have been
perplexing me. There is a photo which the title "Trained to Serve" in English is being written on
the first page (Refer below). I can't judge this title in English is true original or it was rewritten
later by someone (Though there are some words like English in back ground of
According to hand-written page number, we can weave own fantasy, but can't find clear story there.
Is this a book or a series of drawings? Someone says these works were drawn in 1950's, and
someone says artist is a German. But I couldn't search for these grounds.
Therefore, the substance of these works is still in the dark though there are a lot of clues.

A peculiar style of an exotic charm may be from the clothes which the mistress wears.
I guess, it seems be atmosphere of the Kavkaz area where Slav's culture harmonizes with the Arab's.
Look at the clothes in each page. It's easy to know that Gregor was well versed in fetishism that
accompanies lady worship. Long dress, stockings, petticoat, stiletto heel, knee-high boots, jodhpurs,
long gloves, and fur.
Then when a whip is along with such attire, it's the most divine guise as women appearance.

Trained to Serve

Gregor's FemDom-MaleSub drawings [16 at present] are showed in the main museum.