Raygun, this Japanese artist left a huge work in a short term, using 3D technique and the
peculiar composition, and disappeared suddenly, as like Sharaku (famous Ukiyoe artist).

Almost his drawing's theme, is image of abusing a man by high-school young girls.
Of course, we can see such similar work, by artist in not only Japan but other countries.
That is image of domination by the nymph in the high school uniform.
But in Japan, the exceptional frequency of this theme is enough to be one independent genre.
There is a reason even if the foreigner except Japanese thinks "All men in Japan have Lolita
complexes, don't they ?!". Though not only such a man but also the individual is of course
various in Japan, recently, I guess such tendency that a Lolita complex strengthened might
be as a prevailing climate.

However, I think that (all Japanese men may have the Lolita complexes.) is mixed from
the misunderstanding because of another cause. Many Japanese young artists are influenced
from the character of the animation and the comic cartoon, and imitate it. These media are
originally for boys and girls. So it's natural that hero's or heroine's character was drawn
in childish body and expressions. As the flood of such character's drawing that seems just
a infant or a child, from the foreigner's point of view, then other people except Japanese
misunderstand "Japan is the country of infant pornography rampancy".

Raygun's work is not a category of the one because of such a misunderstanding.
His sight was accurately set on high-school young girls right. He draws in detail the
difference of each uniform of their schools, and catches their action and characteristic
in real. They are on the way becoming a woman from the girl. Therefore they are hiding
cruelty without making allowances for because of immature and ignorant. So, these girls
force men to smell their socks and panties which get stuffy with their sweat and secreted
dirt. They hang their sweet saliva and piddle on men. And they jeer the abnormal appearance
of men who ejaculate in shame. It's a considerable blessing.

Raygun's FemDom-MaleSub drawings [130 at present] are showed in the main museum.