Ecstasy Under Her


Namio Harukawa, the most remarkable artist in Japan who draws female domination images,
was born in 1932, in Osaka, Japan. During a half century, he has been drawing the sadistic
plump beauties. Characteristic images of his drawings are many many scenes of face-sitting,
forcing a maslave to lick the private parts, and using a maslave's mouth as a toilet.

Probably, you've ever seen his some works until now on some websites. But I'd like to dare
ask you a question. "Have you ever seen his works?" Maybe you shall get the meaning of my
question by clicking on the following thumbnail that you've seen already.

At this special exhibition " Ecstasy Under Her", 953 drawings by Namio Harukawa
are exhibited. Almost of those images are width 700 pixel or more,@big and hight quality.
Here you can see a some (although these are mere part) of the special exhibition. Enjoy!!

Click to see more samples.


How to enter the Main Museum
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Entrance of the Main Museum
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You can see Permanent Exhibition and Special Exhibition both.
Unlimited validity term, No other charge.

At the main museum, You can meet all these fantastic, stimulating, erotic, and exciting FemDom art works.
I bet, your chippo will be moved to tears.