female is superior!!
Prey Selection
Now, who shall I choose for my toy on this night? I decided, I'll take you!
Once you are chosen by me, you'd better be fully prepared for the sacrifice.
'Cause I love a scream and cry of my toy than anything else, you know.
I feel like hearing what kind of voice you cry when you beg my mercy.
Thanks to my selection, you are so lucky, aren't you?
What is your answer? I couldn't hear it!

Great and Attractive

Do you wanna
look back
goddess selecting
her toy,
once again?

I permit.

So, say
"thank you!"

Thank you!
Again Index Well!

we'll enjoy
to humiliate
and punish
you. Again!

Go back!,
to your cage,
with appreciating
her choice.


Come and wander about this zone again.
More goddesses will appear one after another in this "Garden of Goddesses".