female is superior!!
Punishment with Thanks
The Female Dominance Court

The Female Dominance Court

Is this the one who didn't obey in your order?

Yes, this maslave!

Last night, I ordered him do a certain service,
sitting on his face as usual.

Then, I saw his chippo was standing erect
and was dripping with drool.
So, I rubbed it with my handkerchief
just for fun.

"Oooop! Please stop!
I can't suppress any more.
It's gonna ejaculate!"

He entreated.

But, of course, I didn't stop.
And I ordered him
" Never discharge even a bit until I permit!"
Then I went on stroking more and more.

Maybe, He ejaculated, didn't he?

Yes, he did against my order.
Furthermore, he soiled my hand
and my silk handkerchief.

Shame on! It's a serious crime!!

More! Do you wish
to be abused,

If so,
Fall down
on your knees,
and say "please!"