female is superior!!
torture as her pastime
The one who disobeyed the command of a goddess is capital crime!!
The one who failed in the command of a goddess is felony!!
The one who raised his carnal desire to a goddess without her permission, is also felony!
You are under suspicion of felony. It's no use saying your excuses.
We'll make you stand on "shameful chippo checkup stand."
Then we'll examine your chippo and anus that exposed before many goddesses.
It's easy to make a fair judgment as watching thoroughly your crotch by all goddesses.
And you'll be sentenced to felony, immediately.
If once you are sentenced, you already know
what humiliating torture and punishment will await the accused, don't you?

torture as her pastime

More! Do you wish
to see
goddesses enjoying
her cruel act

If so,
Fall down
on your knees,
and say "please!"

Oh! Please!

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