female is superior!!
Lashing Goddess
Now, You have to be whipped as a punishment!!
At first, I'll give you the lashing of the number of your age.
Every stroke, be sure to count the number by yourself and say "thank you" clearly!!
If you make a mistake, I'll add 10 strokes for your failure.
If I can't hear the words of your thanks clearly, I'll also add 10 strokes for your rudeness.
Oh, I remind that you said, you are a masochist and glad to be punished by me.
Well, then you must keep your chippo standing erect all the time.
If you deflate it while you get my lashing, I'll add 100 strokes for your lie!!

Lashing Goddess

More! Do you wish
to see
whipping goddesses,

If so,
Fall down
on your knees,
and say "please!"

Oh! Please!

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