the Days of Humiliation and Obedience

Become a maslave!!

All the beautiful women in this real world,
are appearances of goddesses, as you know well.


Beneath the Goddess

Oh! my noble Goddess!
I'm fascinated by your beauty.

I obey your any orders without question,
even if it's a completely unreasonable demand.
I'll be pleased to accept your cruel treatment.

Please make me your slave and dominate me.
Please use me as you like, under the rule of you.

Feet & Footwear Worship

Please allow me to kiss your pretty feet,
and let me lick your divine and fragrant soles.
I pray you to forgive sucking a bit of precious dirt
and sweat among your delicious toes.

I wish to clean up all your footwears
by using only my tongue,
t o shine up by using only my sponge
that is hanging on my crotch.
If I leave a blot, please punish me by trampling
on my face and crotch, whenever you like !

Training as a "Maslave"

It's a great honor for me to have your unsparing
training, to have your gracious discipline.

Please teach me plainly, what I am to you?
My beautiful mistress! My stern teacher!

Yes, already I know well, I'm simply no match
for a horse, a dog, even a pig.
I'm just only a "maslave" that you own.
Let my body learn it more by your whipping.

Service as a Live Tool

I'm always at your service. I'm your useful live
tool that obey your any orders unconditionally.
I must do all that is required of me.

Please use me as a stool, a step, a rug,
an ashtray, a spittoon, a toilet, or any others.

If I blunder, or if you are not pleased,
please punish me till you feel completely satisfied.
It's just natural, you can treat me as you like.

Praise to the Holy Peach

Ah, what a charming and bewitching shape you have!
I beg your blessing, looking up at your dignified hips.
Please sit down on my face and smother me
beneath your fragrant holy heavy buttocks.
And give me the joy of submission in that way.

I'll be in an ecstasy all the while, being under your
holy peach, with smelling your private garden, and
standing my chippo which is getting largest.
Please look down and laugh at such perverted me !

Punishment for Women's Fun

Anywhere, anytime, any way,
punish me just as you please, as much as
you are satisfied, simply because you want to do.

I'll accept with thanks your lashing and torture
only for your enjoyment and killing time.
It's a matter of course, as you are my absolute
beautiful goddess, and I'm subject to you.
I offer myself to ------
Ummmm, Ahu! Ahu! Ahu!

ARTEMIS manifesting MUSEUM
of Female Domination ART

The museum collects and preserves art works
of the theme is related with female domination.
The collection consists of about 7,000 works from all over
the world. They include drawings, paintings, and illustrations.
The exhibition area is divided into two floor,
Temporary Special Exhibitions and Permanent Exhibitions.
And the museum gives free admission to the lounge, where
some works are shown. There, anyone can view and enjoy them.

But only the "maslave" has to follow the following rules.
Namely,  Crawl on all fours!  Be stark-naked!  Ride a goddess
on his back!  Be strapped up "chippo"!  Be kept it on a leash
which is pulling by his goddess!
[The ones who soil the floor will be punished in public!]

The most sacred place in the garden,
for the secret ceremony to the great ARTEMIS.

ARTEMIS is the greatest goddess who has been worshipped
from ancient times, in the magnificent shrine in ancient Efesus,
where legend says that the Amazones queen Efesia reigned over.

ARTEMIS controls over the night, the moon, and a blessing rain,
and power over wild animals, forests, hunting,
the reproduction,the fertility, and the sexual appetite.

The secret ceremony is performed by goddesses on the night
at full moon, with sacrifices of 12 "maslave". What kind of
performances should the victims get, it's among the top secrets.

You can look out the daily scenes in this garden
from the gate of this place. / CLICK the SHRINE!

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