female is superior!!
As Her Furniture
You are very glad to be used by me as a furniture, aren't you?
I can see your chippo getting bigger when I trample, step on, and sit on you.
I'll order you more hard work for me. Be patient and do your job steadily.
If you spoil my comfort even a bit, Of course, I'll castigate you!!

As Her Furniture

Do you wanna see
the proud mistress
using a maslave
as her furniture,
once again?

I permit.

So, say
"thank you!"

Thank you!
Again Index Well!

we'll enjoy
to humiliate
and punish
you. Again!

Go back!,
to your cage,
with the memory
of our
nice treatment.


Come and wander about this zone again.
More goddesses will appear one after another in this "Garden of Goddesses".